SADX Hacking Tools

SETEdit v4.0 (independent) - A tool for quickly and precisely modifying a SET item layout. Obsolete.

SADXLVL (+ SETedit) - a tool for re-arranging level models in SADX. Integrated with SETedit and other editors to effectively be a one-stop level editor. Obsolete.

SADXMDL - a model/animation viewer and editor. Obsolete.

SA1LVL - level editor for the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure. Obsolete.

SA Tools - a new set of tools for all versions of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

SADXTweaker - a tool for editing certain minor values that might be more difficult in hex.

SADX Trainer - a tool for editing values while the game is running.

SADXPath - a tool to record positions from SADX so you can open them with SADXLVL. Direct download only. Example path file.

Sonic.CT version 3 (consumer) - user-friendly cheat table for messing around with various memory addresses using Cheat Engine.

SETswitch - a tool to switch the endianness of SET files, allowing you to edit files from the GameCube version with SETedit.

njswitch - a tool to switch nj files between Dreamcast and PC.

obj2nj - a tool to convert an obj file to an nj file.

NJView - a tool to view and edit nj files.

SADXsndSharp - a tool for reading and altering the contents of .DAT files (sound effects).

SADXCharSwitch - allows you to switch characters and start positions, including Tikal and Eggman.

SA2 Hacking Tools

GVM2PAK - converts PVM, GVM, PVR and PRS files to PAK files for the HD port.

MDLswitch - converts MDL files between little endian and big endian.

PAKtool - unpacks and repacks files from PAK archives.

SA2 Stage Select Editor - edits the stage select in the PC version.

Other Hacking Tools

SRMapEd - A tool allowing you to edit the floor layout in Sonic R.

RAW2BMP - A tool allowing you to convert Sonic R's RAW files to Bitmaps and vice versa. Also includes a tool for 256 files.

S&KCPalView - A tool for Sonic & Knuckles Collection which allows you to view and edit any of the standard palettes, and allows you to see the result of loading multiple palettes.

SonLVL - A level editor for split disassemblies of Genesis Sonic games.

SKCsnd - Edits sound effects in Sonic & Knuckles Collection.

SCDPCsnd - Edits sound effects in Sonic CD PC.

LevelConverter - Converts levels between games.

SCDPCspr - Edits sprites in Sonic CD PC.

SCDPCscr - Edits tiles in Sonic CD PC.

SCDPCSSEd - Edits Special Stage layout in Sonic CD PC.

Generations Archive Editor - Edits .ar.?? files from Sonic Generations.

GetArt.NET - Converts BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF to plane mappings.