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Posted by MainMemory on 2016/12/21 02:50:47

I have one now. I don't expect to do much with it, but I guess we'll see where it goes.

Sound Improvements

Posted by MainMemory on 2016/06/15 23:09:08

The SADX Mod Loader now has support for ADX voices and sound effect folders.
Having ADX voices fixes an issue where the game would lag when voices are played in rapid succession, as the following video demonstrates:

To use sound effect folders, your folder must have the same name as the DAT file you are replacing, and the folder must contain an "index.txt" file with the name of a WAV file to be loaded on each line. The WAV files can be named anything you want, as the mod loader uses index.txt to generate the proper names in memory. ADX sound effects are not supported, as I don't know how the game plays sound effects, and the only advantage to ADX is compression.

Also, apparently the detection for non-WMA music in the default music folder was broken? So that's fixed now.

SADX Super Sonic Mod

Posted by SonicFreak94 on 2016/03/01 06:14:09

A new SADX Super Sonic mod has been released! You can download it here. For more information, see the thread on Sonic Retro

Per-Mod Cheat Codes

Posted by MainMemory on 2016/01/12 04:16:24

It is now possible to specify a Codes=YourModCodes.xml value in mod.ini files to indicate that the SADX/SA2 Mod Manager should load an additional XML file containing codes specifically for a mod. You may also add the attribute required="true" to a Code element if the code should always be enabled (otherwise all codes will be disabled by default like normal codes). Note that the Mod Manager is still required to generate the Codes.bin file for the Mod Loader to read the new codes.

Automatic Builds

Posted by MainMemory on 2015/12/28 18:18:40

Much like SA Tools before it, the SADX Mod Loader and SA2 Mod Loader are now configured to build automatically when changes are pushed to the source code repositories. If you follow the repositories on GitHub, you should expect the binary packages to be updated within a minute or two of pushes, assuming that my computer is at home, on, connected to the internet, and running my IRC bot...

Updates are also announced in the IRC channel, which you can find links for on the left.
The latest SADX Mod Loader update maintains the original aspect ratio when playing video files, and fixes the positioning of pause sub-menus, and the SADX Mod Manager now displays more information about available screens.

Steam Achievements Mod

Posted by MainMemory on 2015/12/13 08:20:14

In just over 24 hours, I've finally done something I've wanted to do since the Steam version of SADX got updated: add achievement support to the 2004 port.


Save File Redirection

Posted by MainMemory on 2015/09/16 00:25:37

This is a feature that's been planned and requested for quite some time, and now it's finally here, in both the SADX and SA2 mod loaders. Mods can activate the redirection for the main save files by putting "RedirectMainSave=True" in mod.ini, and for the Chao save with "RedirectChaoSave=True". If multiple mods have the settings enabled, the last one loaded wins, as usual.

There are a couple of new functions for retrieving the current save directories in the HelperFunctions struct, and the Ghost mods for SADX have been updated to use them if they're available (helperFunctions.Version => 4), so that mods with separate saves will also have separate ghosts.

In SADX, SonicFreak94 has also enabled automatic mipmap generation for all textures (except some Chao stuff), and DonutStopGaming has contributed a fix for the pause menu's position in widescreen resolutions.

SADX Mod Loader - Widescreen Fix

Posted by SonicFreak94 on 2015/07/31 05:47:57

As you may or may not have noticed, SADX PC allows you to select just about any resolution your display supports, and the mod loader allows you to set arbitrary resolutions. However, when it comes to widescreen, the field of view would become extremely low, leaving you with a super zoomed in game. This is why the mod manager has a "Force 4:3 Aspect Ratio" option, and probably the reason the Steam version doesn't even allow anything other than 4:3 resolutions. With the latest SADX Mod Loader, this is no longer a problem; the field of view now properly adjusts to widescreen resolutions.

An explanation as to why that happens, how it was fixed, as well as some comparison screenshots after the jump!


SADX Mod Loader - Texture Packs, Texture Filtering & Input Event Hooks!

Posted by SonicFreak94 on 2015/07/22 00:48:39

This SADX Mod Loader update introduces a few new features, but the most interesting is probably the texture pack system. It allows you to create high resolution textures to replace custom texture sets, or even create new ones entirely from scratch! More information after the jump.

You can download this texture pack to try for yourself here: Download
And if you want, you can download the source/working material as well. Mess around with it and see what you can do!


SA2 Save Info

Posted by MainMemory on 2013/12/21 05:22:32

A new tool for Sonic Adventure 2 save files can be found in the "Online Tools" page in the menu on the left.

Currently only supports GameCube and PC version save files.