To use these mods, you must first download and install the SADX Mod Loader.

Tails is a Girl - Yep.

Sonic is a Girl

Metal Sonic Mod - Replaces Sonic with Metal Sonic, and imports Metal's physics from SA2B.

AutoDemo Levels - Replaces three acts of Hedgehog Hammer with the test levels, and Speed Highway: At Dawn with the version from the Sonic Adventure AutoDemo prototype.

TGS Menus - Restores the menus from the Tokyo Game Show prototype, and enables debug menus with X+Y.

Ghost - Records and plays back ghosts of your best times.

Ghost Mod - Trunks Edition - Records ghosts and plays all of them at once.

Goal Ring Mod - Replaces all Capsules with Goal Rings from SA2.

Path Visualizer - Draws lines representing the paths in the current level.

Gravity Control - Allows you to change the angle of gravity with the D-Pad (L+R to reset).

Simple Gravity Control - Allows you to change the direction of gravity with the D-Pad and the Y button.

Egg Carrier Ocean Music - Plays "The Ocean" music in the outside areas of the Egg Carrier when it's sunk.

Steam Achievements Mod - Enables Steam achievements in the original port. Requires purchase of the Steam version of the game. Extract directly into SADX folder for required files.

No Gloss Mod - Removes gloss from character models. Should be last mod loaded for compatiblity with model mods.

Character Select Mod - Allows you to play as any character by holding buttons on the controller.

Physics Swap Mod - Allows you to change characters to use other characters' physics values by editing an ini file.