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IRC Chat Links

Posted by MainMemory on 2013/03/16 01:05:15

The new "IRC Channel" and "Webchat" links on the menu allow you to chat with me and other Sonic Adventure-series hackers.

Use the "IRC Channel" link if you have an IRC client, or the "Webchat" link to chat through your web browser.

This is the only form of instant messaging I use, so don't ask me about MSN, Skype, AIM, or whatever.

I will be gone for a couple days after this post though.


Matthew L wrote at 2014/09/04 19:13:10:

I don't know if this is viewed anymore, but my copy of SADX 2003 (Soldout Software version) won't start up. The problem started when I changed the screen setup mode from Fullscreen to windowed. Changing it back doesn't fix it either.

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