MainMemory's ...Sandwich?

Welcome to MainMemory's... sandwich? Here you'll find information on various projects I make or contribute to.

SA2/SADX Mod pages

Posted by MainMemory on 2013/09/09 23:35:59

I've added two new pages to the site for SA2 and SADX mods for the mod loaders.

Twitter Account

Posted by MainMemory on 2013/07/17 16:10:29

I have one. You can find it in the menu on the left.

You might also enjoy @sa_ebooks.

Removed Videos page

Posted by MainMemory on 2013/03/21 14:51:12

It was basically useless anyway, and has been replaced with a link to my YouTube channel.

IRC Chat Links

Posted by MainMemory on 2013/03/16 01:05:15

The new "IRC Channel" and "Webchat" links on the menu allow you to chat with me and other Sonic Adventure-series hackers.

Use the "IRC Channel" link if you have an IRC client, or the "Webchat" link to chat through your web browser.

This is the only form of instant messaging I use, so don't ask me about MSN, Skype, AIM, or whatever.

I will be gone for a couple days after this post though.

New Blog System

Posted by MainMemory on 2013/03/13 20:41:11

Maybe with this, I'll be able to update the front page more often...