SA2 Mods

To use these mods, you must first download and install the SA2 Mod Loader.

Item Box Randomizer - All item boxes and balloons will contain random items.

Character Randomizer - You will play as a random character in each level.

Character Select Mod - Allows you to play as any character by holding buttons during level loading.


  • Left - Sonic
  • Right - Shadow
  • Down - Knuckles
  • Up - Rouge
  • R - Mech Tails
  • L - Mech Eggman
  • Y - Tails
  • X - Eggman
  • B - Alternate Characters
  • A - Alternate Costumes

"No Battle" Mod - Removes "Battle" branding from the game.

Disable Upgrade Models - Makes the characters' upgrade items invisible.

Dreamcast Models - Character models from the Dreamcast version.

Dreamcast Costumes - Alternate character costumes from the Dreamcast version.

Christmas Models - Christmas-themed character models from the Dreamcast version.

Halloween Models - Halloween-themed character models from the Dreamcast version.

Holiday Mod - Unlocks special costumes on September 9th, October 31st, and December 25th.

Holiday Mod (Month ver.) - Unlocks special costumes in the months of September, October, and December.

Amy Spin Dash - Allows Amy to Spin Dash.

Super Sonic Mod - Allows you to play as Super Sonic in all levels.

Super Sonic Mod - Super Shadow patch - Replaces Super Sonic with Super Shadow.

Disable Black Shield - Disables Metal Sonic's Black Shield ability. Use with the Amy Spin Dash mod to allow Metal Sonic to Spin Dash.

Chao Stat Multiplier - Multiplies the stat gains Chao get from items by five.

Physics Swap Mod - Allows you to change characters to use other characters' physics values by editing an ini file.