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Sound Improvements

Posted by MainMemory on 2016/06/15 23:09:08

The SADX Mod Loader now has support for ADX voices and sound effect folders.
Having ADX voices fixes an issue where the game would lag when voices are played in rapid succession, as the following video demonstrates:

To use sound effect folders, your folder must have the same name as the DAT file you are replacing, and the folder must contain an "index.txt" file with the name of a WAV file to be loaded on each line. The WAV files can be named anything you want, as the mod loader uses index.txt to generate the proper names in memory. ADX sound effects are not supported, as I don't know how the game plays sound effects, and the only advantage to ADX is compression.

Also, apparently the detection for non-WMA music in the default music folder was broken? So that's fixed now.


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I dunno where to post it, but your Goal Ring mod doesn't work with BetterSADX 3.6

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