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Per-Mod Cheat Codes

Posted by MainMemory on 2016/01/12 04:16:24

It is now possible to specify a Codes=YourModCodes.xml value in mod.ini files to indicate that the SADX/SA2 Mod Manager should load an additional XML file containing codes specifically for a mod. You may also add the attribute required="true" to a Code element if the code should always be enabled (otherwise all codes will be disabled by default like normal codes). Note that the Mod Manager is still required to generate the Codes.bin file for the Mod Loader to read the new codes.


kento wrote at 2016/08/15 07:11:05:

nice mod bro keep it
up :3

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DanyTheFigo wrote at 2016/02/17 20:16:21:

Ora voglio provarlo

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