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Save File Redirection

Posted by MainMemory on 2015/09/16 00:25:37

This is a feature that's been planned and requested for quite some time, and now it's finally here, in both the SADX and SA2 mod loaders. Mods can activate the redirection for the main save files by putting "RedirectMainSave=True" in mod.ini, and for the Chao save with "RedirectChaoSave=True". If multiple mods have the settings enabled, the last one loaded wins, as usual.

There are a couple of new functions for retrieving the current save directories in the HelperFunctions struct, and the Ghost mods for SADX have been updated to use them if they're available (helperFunctions.Version => 4), so that mods with separate saves will also have separate ghosts.

In SADX, SonicFreak94 has also enabled automatic mipmap generation for all textures (except some Chao stuff), and DonutStopGaming has contributed a fix for the pause menu's position in widescreen resolutions.


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